About Our Services

Road Side Services, Tree Management, Powerline Clearing, Tree Reports and Surgery, Stump Removals and Traffic Management

Our aim is to provide each and every customer however large or small the job with the same quality of work and standard finish!.


We have been servicing the Gippsland Region with Roadside Tree removals and pruning for over 10years


Large trees such as mature gums, can grow to big for most residential blocks. Problems may include:

→ Falling deadwood – damage to your car or property
→ Dropped leaves and debris clogging your gutters
→ Branches jeopardising powerlines or antennas

Our arborist can perform a range of pruning jobs from simply removing deadwood to a major reduction in height and spread. We will achieve the results you want whilst considering the health and balance of the individual tree.

Removal of large trees from residential blocks is a careful procedure. It is normally performed by taking branches down piece by piece, top to bottom. Our experienced climbers can safely remove large trees from the most awkward places.


When trees or branches come into contact with powerlines, they can cause power failures, bushfires and serious accidents. Home owners and occupiers are responsible for ensuring trees on their property stay clear of powerlines all year round.

As professional agriculturalists we need to know how to work in dangerous conditions, such as working near high voltage powerlines. Our experienced workers are trained and qualified accordingly.


Stump grinding is the most effective way of removing unsightly stumps.
It also minimizes the amount of damage done to your property. Whatever the size is, we will take care of removing the stumps with little to no impact on its existing landscape. Once Fleming's Tree Services is done with the job, there is little trace that the tree was ever there (except a small pile of mulch).


It is a very important service that we offer, our traffic controllers are aware of the importance of there position and need to be fully qualified and experienced to offer a competent reliable service to our customers.
We supply and implement traffic management plans for various scenarios