Welcome to Fleming's Traffic Management Services

Fleming's Traffic Management Services 'specialise in the provision of traffic controllers, traffic management plans, vehicles teamed with fully trained and competent traffic controllers, we can also supply trailer mounted arrow boards and solar traffic lights.

We are available 24hrs/7 days per week.

Our high work standards and systems of work guarantee that our clients requirements are met.

The aim of Fleming's Traffic Management is to expand our customer base by providing our clients with a continously improving service related to our clients specific needs.

Services Include:

⇒ Client Liaison
⇒ Work Site Assessments
⇒ Traffic Management
⇒ Traffic Management Plan Consultation
⇒ Traffic Plan Assessment
⇒ Planning Approvals
⇒ 24 Hr. Service Support
⇒ Signage
⇒ Supervision


Fleming's Traffic Management have 3 traffic management units to facilitate the co-ordination of day to day traffic management.

For projects requesting advanced warning to road users VMS Boards are also available on request. Fleming's Traffic Management Services will ensure a level of safety by ensuring that:

⇒ all staff understand our systems and know how to implement them.
⇒ all traffic management plans are carried out as approved.
⇒ all staff have an accredited Traffic Controllers Ticket.
⇒ all jobs are subject to Internal auditing on a regular basis.